Head east to leave the cave. Make your way to the right quickly, jumping over the lava and avoiding falling debris. I'm now on the Forlorn Ruins escape and damn it. On the other side drop down and pick up the Keystone to the left. Forlorn Ruins: You cannot return after freeing the wind. While exploring the ruins we find two Spirit Gate Keystones and a Map Stone, which we use to reveal the hidden map of the Forlorn Ruins…Watch Walkthrough. Walk over the bridge and into a fairly tricky area with two lasers. Stomp on the ice and hide under the water. < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . After you finish Forlorn Ruins, it's closed off. Walk around it to pick up the second Keystone. It fires flame sparks at nearby targets. To the left is a Keystone but you won’t be able to reach it yet. Wall Jump:Allows Ori to jump up walls. 33 - 11:26 ... Ori and the Blind Forest is an action-adventure platformer that … It's the only area I haven't 100%. From here you need to make it back to the Valley of the Wind. … Once you’ve escaped from Mount Horu you can enjoy the final cut-scene. Its entrance is found in the northeastern part of Windswept Wastes. 32 - 11:04. Hop up the wall to the right and then use the light shield to walk up the wall to the left. Agosto 29, 2020 by 0. Land on the gold stone to the far left. On the left side of this location you'll find Secret Area #25 as well as Map Fragment #5 (this map fragment is an extra for now and will be used inside Forlorn Ruins). Escaping the Forlorn Ruins. Hold the light shield and walk up the right wall. He created an animated scene from Ori and the Blind Forest detailing his escape from the Forlorn Ruins ending with his final finished illustration piece. And then I die over and over at the beginning. It's not... without spoiling too much you gotta get out of Misty Woods and find a way down. It is the safe house for the Heart of the Forest. Get a 100% completion by discovering all maps, life cells, energy cells, ability cells, light spirit cells, and map pieces. Follow the Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough to get the best in game strategy in completing the game. Its been quite a while! And that was correct. "—Voice of the Forest, at the entrance to Windtorn Ruins Windtorn Ruins is an area in Niwen. However, you almost immediately get an object that allows Ori to walk on the hot ground. The tradeoff is that you walk slowly and you can't double jump. Charge Flame:This is another attack. Go past the spider and put the Light Shield in the center of the broken bridge. Video Walkthrough: Part 19 Hi guys, Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough part 19. If you touch it, it hurts. To find a secret area head back to the right. The Element of Winds, deep within the Forlorn Ruins; • 3. Then I'll make it through with all health and almost get to the end and die. Do this with the next gold stone and you’ll land on the Spirit Well. Walk to the underside, so you’re upside down and jump off to land on the roof. Double jump over to the left and pick up the Light Shield. Jump out and hide behind a tree. Continue all the way to the left, use the light shield and walk up the wall. Forlorn Ruins (MISSABLE: Area can't be revisited once you finish it) 6 - 05:03. Holding it will allow you to walk on certain walls and even upside down. Thus, you must return and take the other path. Edit - Looking it up, the map is called Forlorn Ruins. So, I just punted.

However, you almost immediately get an object that allows Ori to walk on the hot ground.